Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympics Started 3000 Years Ago... Twitter Fail

Oh Lord, this makes me so sad. What are they teaching in school these days??

Remember - that if you are an idiot, try not to use twitter, because then everyone will find out. 

But then again, if you are that stupid, it may not occur to you what the effects of social media are... It's fast, viral, real-time and can be exploited.

For those who are still clueless as to why the Olympics may have taken place 3000 years ago... here is a quick lesson (based on it being Aug 2012)

Once upon a time ago the earth happened. Somehow. I don't really know how exactly, so don't ask me. 

Anyway it's mother fucking old. 4.54 billion years old to be precise, according to evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material. 


We also had these things called DINOSAURS!!!

(I mean, I know some of you think they're mythical creatures, like unicorns or something but they were real)

... and they lived a bloody long time ago.

Waaay before your dad.

About 230 million years to about 65 million years ago...

And Emily Barrow - you absolute genius; anatomically modern humans have existed for 200,000 years... FYI

So I know. 

You're probably scratching your little head, thinking... 

Why is it not the Year 4.54 billion?... But instead it's Year 2012?


You may have heard of this guy named Jesus (he's kind of a big deal), and when he was born, we started from 1 (again) i.e. Annus Domini, or year of the lord. 

So our year today is 2012 years since his birth... or 2012 AD.

All years previous to that is not written as -1 AD, which I know would kind of make sense. But instead we use the term BC (Before Christ) to define that period. 

For example:

Hippocrates was born 460 BC

(2012 + 460 = 2472 years ago)

One Direction's average birth year 1993 AD

(2012 - 1993 = 19 years)

School time is over kids.

I hope you learnt something.


  1. This is why an alphabet shouldnt be tought to everybody. One idiot write something other will read it, so disaster is about to come. Making all people able to write you gives stupidity wings to fly. Greetings from Poland

  2. 4) Therefore, 776BC + AD2012 = 2788, or nearly 3000 years since the first Ancient Olympic Games.

    5) The flame has not literally burned continuously for that period of time. It a symbol of the spirit of the games.

    6) And 2012 marks the 30th Modern Olympic Games under the IOC, which started in 1896 in Athens.

  3. AD and BC are out of date...standard notation is CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era). Useful in a world not entirely composed of Christians.

  4. Alex Kahler - You should realise that the existence of a person called Jesus is not based in religion, but history. You do not have to believe in any religion to be able to accept that there was a person called Jesus and he lived at that time.

    1. You should have commented with the rest of the kids. this bottom comments are for adults.

    2. Well, he kinda is based on religion. Back then when they decided to start counting years like that, the world was mostly Christian including the people 'in charge' and other non Christian based religions didn't really start to spread until much later.

  5. lol, nice.. I can't believe people are that dumb.. thanks for the A.D. info though.. I never knew what A.D. standed for.. ah... I'll probably still be calling it after christ in my head though.. those other two words don't stick in my head -_-


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